Influenza B Virus recombinant nucleoprotein from S. cerevisiae

Recombinant nucleoprotein (rNP) of influenza B virus (IBV) was expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and purified from yeast lysates by combination of chromatographic techniques and ultracentrifugation in CsCl density gradients under native (non-denaturing) conditions. Five different products are available. Four contains differently prepared and/or formulated full-length IBV strain B/Singapore/222/79 rNP:

One product contains rNP of another IBV strain B/Lee/1940:

We did noticed reactivity of recombinant antigen with influenza nucleoprotein-specific antibodies is variable and depends mostly on the method of protein preparation and oligomerization state of the IBV-rNP. Therefore, IBV-rNP products with improved reactivity in immunoassays were developed. Here they are indicated as “highly reactive”. Moreover, for some applications highly pure nucleoprotein may be needed. For this, we generated >97% pure recombinant IBV-rNP products, marked as “ultrapure”. This provides a range of IBV nucleoprotein products derived from yeast. Choose one that meets your application requirements.