BALTYMAS specializes in production of two main recombinant protein groups: human virus nucleocapsid proteins and human chaperones.
Find what you’re looking for and choose BALTYMAS proteins direct here, in our online product catalogue. All offered products are ready to send without delay.
Based on the experience working with yeast expression systems BALTYMAS provides contract synthesis service for any recombinant protein of interest in the yeast cells.
BALTYMAS generates native recombinant human or virus proteins that work as native proteins from human cells. Products are less expensive, but more efficient.


Native-Recombinant-ProteinsBALTYMAS is a Lithuanian start-up biotechnology company. Founded in 2011 by young scientists on the basis of the Institute of Biotechnology (Vilnius) it combines scientific experience and knowledge with enterprise for generation of novel biotechnology products.

BALTYMAS develops yeast expression systems and employs them for the synthesis of native recombinant proteins. We offer yeast-expressed viral nucleocapsid proteins for use in diagnostics of viral infections and recombinant human cell proteins for fundamental and applied studies or biopharmaceutical purposes.

Currently BALTYMAS produces 29 products of 10 different recombinant proteins.

We are also opened for contract studies of expression of various recombinant proteins in yeasts.

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