BALTYMAS specializes in production of two main recombinant protein groups: human virus nucleocapsid proteins and human chaperones. Currently, the products of ten recombinant proteins are available: measles virus nucleocapsid protein, mumps virus nucleocapsid protein, human respiratory syncytial virus nucleoprotein, human parainfluenza virus type 1 and 3 nucleoproteins, influenza A and B virus nucleoproteins, human GRP78/BiP and human GRP58/ERp57.

Most of these proteins are generated in two yeast genera, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris. All of them are purified under native conditions and represent native recombinant proteins (exactly the same sequence and similar properties to those of their native analogues from human cells). For special applications, some His-tagged variants of the products are also available.

The products are superior over E.coli expressed proteins in terms of antigenicity or biological activity. Usually the price of yeast-expressed proteins is considerably lower than that of commercially available analogues expressed in bacteria. Also we offer discounts for bulk quantitities.
(Note – for some of the products selling of large amounts may be limited due to obligations of BALTYMAS as contract supplier of the proteins to third parties).

If you need any of above mentioned proteins for your research or other purposes, just order or contact us using a request form in the Contacts page.

Please check out more detailed description of the two protein groups or separate products to be sure that they are suitable for your applications:

Viral Nucleocapsid Proteins
Human Chaperones