The main focus of BALTYMAS is development of yeast expression systems and synthesis of recombinant proteins in the yeast cells. Yeasts are unicellular eukaryotic microorganisms capable of performing eukaryotic processing on the expressed polypeptides.

Since yeast represent eukaryotes, their intracellular environment is more suitable for a correct folding of eukaryotic proteins including human cell proteins. Yeast-derived heterologous proteins are free of toxic contaminations and are excellent tools for developing vaccines, diagnostics or biopharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, through its use in brewing and baking, yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is acknowledged as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) organism. BALTYMAS generates mostly native recombinant human or virus proteins that possess similar properties as native proteins from human cells and are superior over their analogues expressed in bacteria. Moreover, they are considerably less expensive, than usual recombinant products you can find in the market.

Note that BALTYMAS offered products were developed and produced by BALTYMAS employees, so you will get the proteins directly from the first hands. Viral nucleoproteins are developed mostly on the basis of our published scientific papers, but they were further optimized for more efficient use as laboratory reagents. Human chaperones are produced by the method, which is currently under BALTYMAS patents protection worldwide. Invented technologies are efficient enough to keep low prices for valuable products.

Finally, here is the only place you can purchase these products, because we do not resale via global trade companies.

We think it is not fair when the majority of price payed by customer is taken by global resellers just for simple intermediation and company name. Just try our unique protein products, which are less expensive and much better.