Highly reactive his-tagged Influenza A Virus recombinant nucleoprotein (IAV-His8-rN) from S. cerevisiae, in glycerol stock

 Description: Influenza A virus (IAV) strain A/New York/384/2005(H3N2) full-length (498 a.a.) recombinant Nucleoprotein (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot sequence accession number: Q3YQ35) with His8-tag on the N-terminus. Expressed in S. cerevisiae and purified from yeast lysates by ultracentrifugation in CsCl gradients under native (non-denaturing) conditions.

Form: formulated in glycerol stock solution (50%) in PBS with 1.5 mg/ml sucrose.

Storage: Shipped on dry ice (shipment costs to Europe: 160 €). Store at -20ºC in liquid form (solution does not freeze at this temperature).

Concentration: 2.5-3.0 mg/ml (lot specific).

Purity: ~85% as determined by SDS-PAGE.


SDS-PAGE showing IAV-his8-rN product 14-IAH-H2G at approximately 57 kDa (3 μg/lane).

Applications (tested): ELISA (improved reactivity), Western blot, SDS-PAGE.


Size Catalogue No. Price
100 μg 14-IAH-H2G-C 175 € Inquiry / Order
500 μg 14-IAH-H2G-D 700 €
1 mg 14-IAH-H2G-M 1000 €