Mumps virus recombinant nucleoprotein (Mu-rNP) from P. pastoris, in glycerol stock

Description: Mumps virus wild-type strain Glouc1/UK96 full-length (549 a.a.) recombinant nucleoprotein (GenBank: AAG37826.1). Expressed in Pichia pastoris and purified from yeast lysates by ultracentrifugation in CsCl gradients under native (non-denaturing) conditions.

Form: formulated in glycerol stock solution (50%) in phosphate buffer.

Storage: Shipped on dry ice (shipment costs: 130 € to Europe and 150 € to US). Store at -20ºC in liquid form (solution does not freeze at this temperature).

Concentration: 2.0-2.3 mg/ml (lot-specific).

Purity: ~90% as determined by SDS-PAGE.


SDS-PAGE showing Mu-rNP product 12MuNP-APp-Gly at approximately 66 kDa (2.3 μg/lane).

Applications (tested): ELISA, other immunoassays, Western blot, SDS-PAGE.


Size Catalogue No. Price
100 μg 12MuNP-APp-Gly-C 200 € Inquiry / Order



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    Full text PDF.
  2. Warrener L, Slibinskas R, Brown D, Sasnauskas K, Samuel D: Development and evaluation of a rapid immunochromatographic test for mumps-specific IgM in oral fluid specimens and use as a matrix for preserving viral nucleic acid for RT-PCR. J Med Virol. 2010 Mar;82(3):485-93.